Prescot Best: Qualified Swimmers

The links contain lists of POSS swimmers who have potentially qualified for regional and national Championships.

Please note that with the proposed changes by British Swimming due to take effect in 2015 there will be huge changes to the qualifying process. Most notably

  1. Age will be as 31st December in the year of the event
  2. No 9-year olds can swim - you have to be at least 11 by the 31st December
  3. 11-year olds do 50s and 100s rather than 50s and 200s
  4. North West Age Group and Youths will merge into one event
  5. National championships entry will be on ranking rather than qualifying times
  6. A much smaller qualifying/ranking window will be used - you can not qualify at any time of the year.

The lists below do not yet reflect these changes

District  & County Championships


Held in February and March these are the first regional competitions that swimmers will normally compete in. Entry times must be recorded at a L4 gala (e.g. our Club Championships) or higher.
Liverpool and District Championships 2015 (L2)

Estimated from 2014 data

Lancashire County Championships 2015 (L1)

Estimated from 2014 data

North West Regional Championships
Held in May and June the North West Regions are higher level galas with more stringent qualifying times (L3 or above) designed to pit the best swimmers in the North-West against each other.
North West Age Group Championships 2015

For 12 to 14 year olds (estimated from 2014 data).

North West Youth Championships 2015

For 15 years and over (estimated from 2014 data).


Held in December the North West Region Winter Championships used to be a Short Course championship for the best swimmers in the North West.  From 2013 it is a Long Course event
North West Winter Championships 2014 (L1)

Estimated from 2013 data

North Zonal Meet
Normally held in January, the 3 Zonal Meets act as a stepping stone to the Nationals. The North meet pits swimmers from the North West (us) against swimmers from the North East for the first time. Times recorded at a L3 gala or above are needed and SC times can be converted. Event is for 13 (15 & under) to 18 & over for Boys and for 11 (13 & under) to 16 & over for girls.
North Zonal Meet Qualifiers 2015 (L1)

Swimmers obtaining the Qualifying Times

Swimmers with Consideration Times 2015 (L1)

Swimmers obtaining the Consideration Times

National Age Group Championships & Youth Championships
Normally held in July, the National Age Groups are the highest competition that the swimmers swim in Age Groups. For the Youth Championships only Long Course qualifying times are accepted. Times recorded at a L3 gala or above are needed
National Age Group Championships 2014 (L1)

The National Age Groups for 11-14 year olds.

National Youth Championships 2014 (L1)

The National Age Groups for over 15s.

National  Championships
Held this year in April in Glasgow the National Championships determine places on the GB team etc. Entry times must be recorded at a L1, Long Course event  Girls born 1998/99 and Boys born 1996/97 have Junior QTs to gain for Qualification
British Gas Swimming Championships 2015 (L1)

Estimated from 2014 data