ASA Awards

Duckling Awards

The Duckling Awards are designed to help babies and toddlers enjoy learning to swim with help from parents or guardians.

Your child can work towards five grades of colourful awards, each with its own certificate and badge.

Each badge contains pictures of yellow ducklings depending on grade of award.

The Duckling 1 badge has one duckling, while the Duckling 5 badge has five ducklings

Learn To Swim Stages 1-7 Awards

These awards are designed around the British Gas ASA Learn To Swim Pathway, the most successful sports programme of its kind and a guarantee to parents that their children are receiving the best possible instruction.

Covering 7 stages of the syllabus, the colour-coded badges and certificates have been designed to reward your child for the effort they put into each stage.

Stages 1-7 help develop the core range of FUNdamental skills your child needs to be confident, competent and safe in the water, while Stages 8-10 offer the opportunity to develop skills from disciplines such as diving and water polo

Rainbow Distance Awards (19)

Designed to complement the 10 stages of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework, the Rainbow Distance Awards are a range of bright, cheerful badges and certificates to help keep your child motivated while working through the individual Learn to Swim stages.

Swimming ability and stamina are the focus of the 19 awards. Children over five years old can work their way from the five metres with buoyancy aid Puffin award through to the 5,000m award, depending on which stage of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework they have attained.

If your child is working through Stages 1-7 of the Framework they can also work up to the 200m Rainbow Distance Award. Learners on stages 8-10 can secure up to the 1,500m award. Swimmers who have completed all stages can strive for 5,000m.

Rainbow Stroke Distance Awards

Covering distances of between five and 100m, the Rainbow Stroke Distance Awards complement Stages 1-7 of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework

The Rainbow Stroke Distance Awards offer swimmers a further challenge after they have attained the Rainbow Distance Awards


Competitive Start Awards

The ASA's emphasis on learner safety continues with the Preliminary Competitive Start Award, complementing Stages 1-7 of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework and the Competitive Start Award for Stages 8-10.

Shallow diving can cause serious injuries if not done properly and by securing these awards your children will show they have the competence to dive in water 0.9-1.3m deep. This is a standard demanded for competitions under ASA law.

Teaching for the Preliminary Competitive Start Award starts in deep water before moving to the side of the pool and shallower water. Once this award has been secured learners work towards the Competitive Start Award to learn safe race dives from a starter block.

Swimming Stroke Awards (5)

If your child is keen to show their skills in individual strokes then this set of five awards could be the answer.

Covering backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle and individual medley, these badge and certificate supported awards encourage swimmers to learn the correct skills in strokes, turns and finishes before learning to swim faster.

Before working towards these colour-coded awards the ASA recommends your child first secures the Competitive Start Award.

School Speed Awards (12)

Designed for Primary School children giving them an opportunity to complete against the clock with an achievable target time set within their capabilities.

These 12 awards are available in Bronze, Silver and Gold and cover front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Each stroke and award type has its own qualifying time.

All strokes, starts and finishes need to comply with ASA law for children to secure the awards.

Qualifying Times (25m) Bronze Silver Gold
Front Crawl 23.5 21.0 18.3
Backstroke 27.0 24.7 21.5
Breaststroke 29.4 27.2 23.8
Butterfly 25.6 23.2 20.3

Complete Swimmer Award

The Swimmer’s Journey Passport Card for Learn to Swim Stages 1-7 incorporates 25 badges and certificates across the Learn to Swim Framework including Rainbow Distance, Rainbow Stroke, Preliminary Safety Skills and Personal Survival Level 1 Awards

Once all 25 Awards have been achieved on the Swimmer Journey Passport Card, swimmers are eligible to receive the exclusive Complete Swimmer Award.  Please complete the “Complete Swimmer Award Order Form” below and follow the instructions to obtain the award.

Click here to download the Complete Swimmer Award order form

Elite Swimmer Award

The Elite Award Passport Card for Aquatic Skills Stages 8-10 incorporates 10 badges and certificates across the Aquatic Skills Framework including Rainbow Distance, Personal Survival Level 2 and Swimming Challenge Awards.

Once all 10 Awards have been achieved on the Elite Award Passport Card, swimmers are eligible to receive the exclusive Elite Swimmer Award.  Please complete the “Elite Swimmer Award Order Form” below and follow the instructions to obtain the award. 

Click here to download the Elite Swimmer Award application form