Structure & Contact

Information about the structure of the club and how to contact us

The Club

Prescot is a club exclusively manned by volunteers from the chairman to the coaches.

The club consists of the following officers;

  Chairman Robert Cheshire  
Hon. Secretary Alison Metcalf  
Hon. Treasurer Karen Deeley    
Competition Secretary Simon Deeley  
Membership Secretary Sarah Rawnsley    
Child Protection Officer Julie Doddridge  

In addition to the above officers there are 8 elected members of the executive committee plus Coaches and helpers.
We are always looking for coaches, poolside and non-poolside helpers and committee members so if anyone wishes to volunteer please don't be shy and contact the club secretary or speak to one of the other club officers or coaches.

Contact Points

For general information please e-mail
Remember that we can also be found and contacted on Facebook and Twitter

Coaching & Teaching

Prescot Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club and consists of swimmers in all abilities and age groups from 4 to 60.

The club runs a full early swimmer program in a shallow (0.9m) teaching pool using ASA qualified and DBS checked teachers. The teaching pool operates during all the club sessions with 3 teaching groups on a Sunday (Ducklings/Turtles, Dolphins and Sharks), each of 40 minutes, and full one hour sessions during the rest of the week. The mid-week sessions are primarily reserved for higher level pupils (Sharks and Dolphins) who are looking to transition to the large pool.

The transition from teaching pool to main pool is by the discretion of the receiving coach and is usually dependant on the pupil having a good technique of the initial 3 strokes (Front Crawl, Breaststroke and Backstroke) and a basic knowledge of Butterfly. Upon the approval of the receiving coach the pupil is transferred to lane 1 but will not be expected to last for the whole 2 hours on the Sunday (until they get used to the extra workload).

The lane 1 session is designed to improve the stroke and fitness as well as introducing both diving and swimming turns into the program. The progression from lane 1 to 2 and on is all judged on the pupils time for completing a 4 x 25m Individual Medley (1 length of each stroke, Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Front Crawl). This test allows the swimmer, coach and parent to judge the progression of the pupil as well as pointing out things that could do with improvement.

With lane progression also comes the opportunity to increase the pool time to include squad swimming with our elite squad. These sessions are directed at those swimmers looking to take up competitive swimming and compete in the local and national gala events.

Qualified Coaches

Brian Boyle (Head Coach)

Matt Gilsenan
Ron MacAuley
Simon Deeley
Ian Gibson
Ian Rhead
Lee Daly
Avril Jennings

Coaching Assistants

Caroline Bellard
Sarah Coppard
Paul Roberts

Qualified Teachers

Hannah Deeley
Rob Clarke
Francis Cunningham
Daniel Cheshire
Charlotte Dodson
Alex Dunk
Jack Rogers

Teaching Assistants

Beth Dowding