Prescot SC have teamed up with ProSwimwear. The ProSwimware site has swimwear and equipment from a large range of suppliers including Arena, Finis, Adidas, Maru and Zoggs

The club receives commission from any orders made but they must be made through the  link below - please do not save the ProSwimwear site page as a Favourite on your browser as the orders are not then tracked and we do not receive any money!

Click on the Graphic below to access the site


Items available from Club

The club have the following items for sale. Please ask at the Prescot Swimming Club desk on a Sunday.

Caps White GB 0.50

  Purple or Pink 1.50
  Club Latex 2.00
  Club Silicone (thicker than Latex) 4.00
  Note that all swimmers will need a Club cap if swimming in inter-club competitions  

Jammers Club Black/Red 15.00

Costumes Club Black/Red 15.00

T-Shirts Red with Prescot Logo
new design with logo on back as well as front



Hoodies Children's sizes
embroidered with name/initials
Note that smaller sizes do not have
cords around the neck

  Adult's sizes
embroidered with name/initials


Goggles Various 4.00 - 6.50  
  Speedo Speed Sockets 17.50
  Speedo goggle straps 2.00
Snorkel   10

Backpacks 47cm x 34cm x 17cm 20.00

  The bags are made from top quality fabric and have 15 pockets, one for a drinks bottle and one with a wet kit facility, and has an ergonomically designed padded back support. The bags are all black with a the club logo printed in red  

Available to order

Fins Pool training Fins 15.00

Fin bag   6.50
Float   9.50
Pullbuoy   8.50