Advice & FAQ

This section is designed to provide information about the club, competitions, equipment and the sport of swimming in general.

General Information

Joining the Club How to join Prescot Swimming Club
Pool Rules Conducting yourself at training
Safeguarding Child Protection
ASA SwimLine Details about the ASA/NSPCC Phone Line for Safeguarding children
Water Safety Code How to stay safe in the water
ASA Learn to Swim Pathway Progression through the Learn to Swim Pathway
ASA Expected Stroke Standards Describes how each stroke should be performed
Awards Awards and badges we can test and supply for your swimmers
All ASA Awards All of the ASA badges and awards available
Being a swim parent Advice for parents
Brownies Swimmer Badges Brownie's Swimmer & Swimmer Advanced Badge requirements
Scout Swimmer Badges Scout Associations Swimmer Badge requirements


Doping Code 2015 World Anti-Doping Code Guide
Minimum Ages The minimum ages that children are allowed to swim in competitions
Qualifying Times Qualifying times for events
FINA Rule Changes Changes to the rules from October 2013 - swimmers please read
Equivalent Performance Tables Conversion of times from one pool length to another
Fastest Swimmer The fastest swimmer in Prescot
Locations Places we go for swimming competitions


Classification Application Form British ParaSwimming Physical Classification Application Forrm (Nov 2016)
Classification Application Forrm (Large) Large Font Version of Application Form (Nov 2016)
Physical Classification Process British ParaSwimming Physical Classification Process


Physiotherapy List of recommended physiotherapists
Sports Drinks Sports Drinks advice from Kevin Dunk
Nutrition Slides from Nutrition Presentation by Andrew Shepherd
Let's keep Swimming Fresh Poster from the ISRM
Keeping the Pool Clean ISRM's campaign to keep swimming pools clean & healthy
Asthma & the swimmer British Swimming guide about asthma and swimming
ADHD and swimming British Swimming guide about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Epilepsy British Swimming guide about Epilepsy
Verrucas British Swimming guide about verrucas (plantar warts)


Goggles - the first pair Beware of Adult sized goggles - they let the water in
Fins Guide to fins available